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acid staining

The beauty of Acid Staining a concrete floor is the ability for the surface to gain a visual texture yet remain smooth and easy to clean.  Indoor acid stained floors add beauty and color to any home and have an amazing way of tying a room all together with grace and elegance. This is a great way to spice up that plain concrete basement floor that you’ve been wondering what to do with!

Exterior Acid Staining is a great economical option for many home owners because it does not have to be a brand new slab to have this done. We can acid stain over any unsealed existing concrete slab as long as there is not too much surface damage. In some cases we can also remove the sealant on a plain slab but this has to be evaluated with an onsite evaluation. Acid staining can be done on a plain slab, exposed aggregate or stamped concrete. If just a little bit of texture is desired to a plain slab and it is a new pour we can do that as well. It’s a great way to give it a little bit of texture for the finishing touch.